Spellman Brady & Co. Completes Custom Artwork for PayneCrest Electric

by Spellman Brady & Company

Spellman Brady & Company, an award-winning interior design firm, has completed a customized artwork package for PayneCrest’s prefabrication facility, “Prefab”, in St. Louis, MO.  Spellman Brady was responsible for commissioning several unique pieces for the artwork package which reflects PayneCrest Electric’s unique corporate identity.

The PayneCrest Electric Prefab is a 33,000 sq ft warehouse where conduit bending, rough-in products, welding, painting, strut assemblies and other fabrication services are provided.  This space also houses offices for the engineers who develop and design these products/services.  PayneCrest asked Spellman Brady to create a customized art package reflecting the company’s brand and the specialized services they offer.

The overall design concept was to celebrate the industrial elements for which PayneCrest Electric is known and incorporate those into the mediums and substrates of the art pieces.  The color palette for the artwork was inspired by a walk-through held at the project kick-off.  The primary palette is influenced by the red and blue corporate logo, while the secondary colors of neon-saturated pink, orange, green, and turquoise reflect the colors found within PayneCrest’s electric wiring products and their engineering software.

Individuals entering the office are met with an impressive metal piece that guides them down the hall and through the entire space. This piece, inspired by the company’s outdoor Prefab sign, is made of conduit and metal mesh, and was used as the substrate to hang photographs of their installed projects. The metal-printed photographs of completed projects serve to tell PayneCrest’s story. Photos walk the viewer through key phases of a successful project and showcase the quality work completed by the company’s skilled employees.

Above the workstations in the engineers’ office space, an undulating art installation made of painted conduit is on display. The colors were pulled straight from software programs the engineers use daily, bringing their digital work to life in 3D. The PayneCrest team doubled as collaborators using their conduit bending, welding, and painting skills on this piece as well as the metal installation in the hallway.

The mural in the Prefab warehouse area near the loading dock was also inspired by the secondary color palette. The painted graphic lines are a nod to conduit and electrical wires and also represent a stylized version of the company logo.

In the training room, local artists created a Louise Nevelson-inspired assemblage piece comprised of electrical components including wire, electrical switches, boxes, plugs, conduits, tools, etc. This piece pulls the viewer in closely to see what lies within the intricate details of the found-object sculpture. It demonstrates all of the little pieces that unite make a larger statement. The training room also boasts a custom vinyl wallcovering showcasing one of PayneCrest’s projects mid construction.

PayneCrest’s brand is clearly demonstrated throughout the entire artwork package. The artwork is seamlessly incorporated into the interiors and helps bring the company values and culture to life. This effective communication of the corporate identity inspires employee loyalty and a sense of pride and accomplishment. PayneCrest is known for creative problem-solving and the production of high-quality products. Walking through the office and fabrication area helps visitors understand how the artwork package parallels this expertise.

PayneCrest Electric is an award-winning electrical contractor serving commercial and industrial customers nationwide.  It provides customer-focused solutions that safely and proficiently deliver highly complex electrical and communications projects for national commercial and industrial customers.

Spellman Brady & Company is an award-winning St. Louis-based interior design firm specializing in senior living, healthcare, higher education, and multi-family environments. The firm maintains design excellence by delivering comprehensive, space planning, interior design, furniture, artwork master planning and procurement services. As a Certified WBE Business, Spellman Brady & Company has completed more than 6,300 projects in forty-three states and abroad since its founding 27 years ago.


Originally published by Saint Louis CNR – Construction News and Review.

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