PayneCrest Electric

Art Highlights Company’s Brand & Identity

PayneCrest Electric Prefab is a 33,000 sq ft warehouse where conduit bending, rough-in products, welding, painting, strut assemblies and other fabrication services are provided. This space also houses offices for the engineers who develop and design these products/services. Spellman Brady created a customized art package reflecting the company’s brand and the specialized services they offer.


Draw inspiration from the tools, equipment and colors used at PayneCrest Prefab

Use substrates and mediums that embody PayneCrest’s brand identity

Provide economical solutions


Toured the warehouse and talked with staff to understand products and services

Customized artwork pieces using electrical elements and conduits

The client fabricated and installed two conduit art installations, helping save overall costs

Artwork Master Planning
Alise O’Brien

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