EFA Remodel/Renovation Silver Award – Sagewood Canyon Cafe

by Spellman Brady & Company

EFA Remodel/Renovation Silver Award – Sagewood Canyon Cafe

Jury Comments

  • This project really pushed the boundaries of “Senior living” into the commercial retail world. We shouldn’t have to leave behind edgy contemporary design. Very nice integration of the support kitchen to make this bistro successful.


  • Beautiful reinvisioning of a dated café and convenience mart into a hip setting for any time of day. The new venue would be just at home in a resort as it is for the Sagewood community. The new modern industrial aesthetic venue provides many inviting spaces as the easily accessed “booth” and the community table – perfect for groups as well as a lone diner.  Appreciate the attention to materials and to details such as the inclusion of themed restaurant displays.


  • This lively hang-out is created within the existing walls of a once dreary space. An amazing level of detail comprised of regional and industrial materials differentiates a variety of gathering spots. The articulated ceiling including wood and acoustic baffles counterbalances the hard surfaces of tile, brick and metal, adding not only interest, but sound control to the space.  Furniture settings are spaciously arranged to facilitate easy circulation. And the introduction of a complete food service, along with happy hour beverages, assures enjoyment and sociability throughout the day.

Sagewood Phase 2

By focusing on purposeful design in multi-family housing, you’ll attract new tenants and create a community that stands the test of time.

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