Designing 2024: More Of This, Less Of That

by Liz Tung | EDAC | Art Associate, Marketing Coordinator
This blog explores the interior design elements and trends we’re itching to see more of and those we’re ready to bid adieu. From embracing quirky accents that spark joy to waving goodbye to anything that feels too ‘been there, done that,’ I polled our design team for their opinion, so here’s how we are diving into 2024!

1. The One-Color Accent Wall:

The rockstar of the room. The one wall that stands out and painted differently to keep things interesting. Just like the accent wall’s edge, we are evenly divided.


2. Geometric Trim Accent Wall:

If walls could talk, this one would say, “I’m not a regular accent wall. I’m a cool accent wall.” Is 2024 listening?


3. Color Blocking:

Uses contrasting colors in distinct, solid blocks to create interest and define different areas. It’s like a puzzle, but do the pieces fit together?


4. Gray Tones:

Do we want to see all fifty of them in 2024?


5. Brown/Warmer Tones:

Is brown back? The jury’s out. We’re evenly split on embracing its warm charm.


6. Mid-Century Modern:

Sleek lines, funky furniture, and a dash of nostalgia. It’s a groovy invitation to let the good vibes roll. Here is how we RSVP-ed.


7. Ship Lap:

Is this farmhouse trend going out to pasture?


8. White Kitchens:

We think they need to simmer down.


9. White Subway Tile:

Are we still riding the white subway tile train, or is this our stop?


10. Wallpaper:

From bold patterns to subtle textures, we are a bunch of paper pushers.


11. Animal Print:

We’re not ready to take a walk on the wild side.


12. Chrome, Steel, and Aluminum:

Will metallic trends shine bright?


13. Organic Shapes/Curved Furniture:

Looks like 2024 has curves in all the right places.


14. Flower/Green Walls:

We don’t all agree to nip this trend in the bud.


15. Neon Signs:

All signs point to… unplugging this trend.

    • 0 % ­­­MORE
    • 100 % LESS


16. Murals:

Let’s paint the town!


17. Macrame:

To be, or knot to be? That is the question.


18. Woven Basket Walls:

Add a rustic texture and rhythmic pattern to any wall, but we won’t put all our eggs in these baskets.


19. Fluted Cabinet/Details:

Vertical grooves that add a touch of texture. 2024 is looking pretty groovy.


20. Checkerboard Pattern:

Not just for gameboards, but many of us are calling game over on this pattern.


21. Disco Balls:

Glitter retro glam adds life to the party; however, most of us are immune to disco fever.


22. Minimalism:

The beauty of simplicity, where less is more.


23. Maximalism:

An eclectic celebration of boldness and abundance, where more is more.


24. Open Concept Floor Plans:

Breaking down walls and leaving this one open to interpretation.




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