Defining Your Personal Home Style

by Sam Golden | Senior Designer

Have you ever questioned how to describe your personal home style? If so, look no further than your Pinterest account.  Scanning through the numerous pins under each board acts as a window into your likes and begins to create a cohesive story of your subconscious tastes that you may not quite be able to put into words.  Nothing captures your gut reactions to ideas like deciding to hit “pin” as you scroll through the endless images available on the platform.

As you look at the collection of pins you have saved related to interiors and begin to find patterns within them, it makes it easier to take inspiration from Pinterest and apply it to your own home with a cohesive design.

My current favorite board on my personal Pinterest account is dedicated to inspiration for my own home.  After buying our first home 3 years ago, my husband and I dove headfirst into making it our own, and like most modern-day creatives, I dove headfirst into pinning all the ideas and things to my board.  Looking back through my pins helps me begin to define my quite eclectic personal style. While I don’t have an exact label for it, I think it could be most accurately summarized as “Mid-Century Greenhouse.”  Most images include colorful, fun ideas and finishes with a mid-century undertone running throughout.  I am drawn to modern, clean forms, warm wood tones, and lots of greenery.

I have a passion for creating an environment that is completely unique and speaks to my husband and me.  Many pins on my Pinterest board have become a DIY reality for us.  We enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of working through the process of making concepts come to life.  The only problem is that the inspiration never stops when you find yourself going down the Pinterest rabbit hole, although your bank account and significant other’s patience might…

Here is a comparison of a few inspirational images from my Pinterest board and how I incorporated that inspiration into my home.

 | My Home |


If you are feeling overwhelmed when it comes to defining your personal style, spend a little time pulling your favorite images from your Pinterest board.  You might be surprised at how easy it can be to translate your likes into your home, wardrobe, or any other aspect of your life that needs a bit of style.

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