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Diana Spellman

Diana Spellman  

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Diana Spellman, nee Brady, was simply born to be a designer. As early as first grade, Diana would sneak a flashlight under her covers after “lights out” and draw and redraw floor plans for her ideal bedroom. Now, as President and Co-owner of Spellman Brady & Company, she loves the variety of her work, from building relationships with clients and finding design solutions, to overseeing the process of an interiors project successfully coming together.

Her optimism and never-give-up attitude are what fueled her single-handedly building the Artwork Master Planning team.  Yes, she is determined, but she also has a great sense of humor and loves to play practical jokes. Still, of all she has accomplished, being a really good mom to her two children David and Dani, is her proudest achievement of all.

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