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Senior Living Interior Design - Westbridge Memory Care Activity Room

Spellman Brady & Company completed the interior design, furniture specifications & procurement, and artwork master planning for Westbridge; the memory care wing of the Wyndemere Campus. We renovated the spaces with the sole purpose of creating a home that would be safe for those suffering from cognitive disorders.  Spaces in our scope included a dining room, activity room, living room, sitting area and corridors. Each doorway into the 12 apartments was designed to be different to help with wayfinding.  Different door styles were selected as well as paint colors so no two doors were alike.  In addition to this, the Owner’s plant operations team constructed memory boxes which were installed at each resident apartment.  This also helps with wayfinding.  The artwork theme was bright, colorful imagery with a nostalgic theme to help evoke memories.

Westbridge Memory Care  

Wheaton, IL

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